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No matter how many years they've owned their assets, our clients always have inquiries. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked energy management questions.

  • Client Testimonial

    “Craig has been our Mineral Manager for years. His knowledge of the industry is remarkable, he is responsive and regularly provides more than is requested, he is enjoyable to work with, and adds real value.”

  • Client Testimonial

    "Farmers National has managed our oil and gas interests for a number of years. They do an excellent job of summarizing and reporting, and are very responsive to our concerns and questions. I trust them completely."

  • Client Testimonial

    [Scott and Luke] were very knowledgeable in various areas and were able and willing to share and guide us with the information we needed to make the best decision. [They] were very professional and conducted [themselves] with grace. It was truly an awesome experience to have you all on our team.

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